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The Carbuncle Cup is Back

The Carbuncle Cup is Back

The Carbuncle Cup is back ΓÇô celebrating the offices and buildings from around the UK that people walk past and canΓÇÖt help but think ΓÇ£who built that monstrosity?ΓÇ¥

From London to Birmingham to Worcester – and right back around to the Olympic Park, the 2012 nominations have been building up on and we thought we would share some of the nominations with our own readers here on the blog.

2012 Nominations

  • Park House, Oxford Street, W1 ΓÇô Delivering over 160,000 sq. ft. of office space over six floors alongside retail space and luxury residential pads, the Park House development promises to provide a great location from which to draw in the 200m people visiting Oxford Street each year ΓÇô while also delivering offices and living accommodation in the heart of Mayfair. Unfortunately far from being seen as the elegant sleek racing car it seeks to be, those nominating it for the 2012 Carbuncle Cup have the word ΓÇ£GracelessΓÇ¥ and compared its shape to that of a ΓÇ£Sparkling SlugΓÇ¥.
  • The Hive, Worcester ΓÇô Home to a new library and History Centre, the Hive in Worcester is yet another building to have been designed with ΓÇ£BlingΓÇ¥ in mind. Having already been the winner of an international design award, and shortlisted for two additional national honours, its nomination to this yearΓÇÖs Carbuncle Cup could come as a surprise to the designers of this gold clad construction which was described as ΓÇ£the centre of awfulnessΓÇ¥.

Open to nominations, the Carbuncle Cup is open to any building from a known designer due to be completed before the opening of the London Olympics. To explore all the nominations put forward so far, visit the Building Design website.

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