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The Brave New World: Going Mobile

The Brave New World: Going Mobile

When it comes to working habits and marketing tools, going mobile in every respect is becoming more important than ever before…

One of the most prevalent trends in 21st century business and lifestyle is how mobile it all is. Flexible working patterns, portable laptops and the rising use of smart devices is making the world look different.

According to a recent survey undertaken by the International Telecommunication Union and publicised by the Business Centre Association, internet access from portable devices will outstrip access from desktops by 2015.

All over the world, more people are checking their phones before settling down for the evening, during dinner and even before getting out of bed in the morning. It’s time for businesses to go mobile.

Going Mobile

Remote access to the office is at an all-time high. After all, if your staff are glued to their smartphones wherever they go, why not let them use it for work?

The trend for flexible working and the ability to file memos in your pajamas has been fired and fed by the mobile revolution to the point where many workers would now choose working from home as a replacement for a pay rise.

Here are a few key tips to satisfy those staffing needs:

  • Mobile Friendly Website ΓÇô This winning strategy will meet your customers’ needs as well as those of your out-of-hours staff.
  • Consider Flexible Working ΓÇô Whether on a case-by-case basis or as a blanket policy, it’s worth some thought to stay competitive.
  • Remote Access Guidelines ΓÇô Have something in writing so that you and your staff know where everyone stands at all times.
  • Co-Working Alternatives ΓÇô If your staff need each other to complete tasks, why not allow teams to meet outside the office?

Are you caught up on this brave new world or do you set yourself apart? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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