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The Blame Game: Your Office Health

The Blame Game: Your Office Health

Research suggests that office workers are at risk of all sorts of health complications because they spend the majority of their days sitting down at a computer.

ThatΓÇÖs all very well and good, but if you work 9am-5pm in the office the chances of you pushing your chair away so you can jog on the spot for 8 hours on end are pretty low.

So what is the more realistic advice to improve office health?

Office Treats ΓÇô Just Say ΓÇÿNoΓÇÖ

The people you hear banging on about a healthy diet are banging on for a reason. It remains, as it always has, as simple as that (for most). That is, until they invent that one little pill you can take with your morning coffee that has the same long-term effect.

However, when it comes to binning the crisps and sugar-saturated ΓÇÿmultigrainΓÇÖ bars and replacing them with apples and salads, most workers feel that the buck stops with their colleagues.

In research released this month, Co-operative Food has found 69% of office workers who have gained weight at work blame their colleagues for bringing treats in and sharing.

12% feel ΓÇÿconstant pressureΓÇÖ to eat bad food and 29% refuse to say ΓÇÿnoΓÇÖ to a cake on someoneΓÇÖs birthday. The trick is to resolve yourself to saying the N word, and keep repeating it no matter how disheartened you are by the sight of your lowly lettuce leaves.

No Need for Speed ΓÇô Slow Down

The second headline you might be used to hearing is ΓÇÿexercise moreΓÇÖ. Not everyone is seriously thinking about installing a desk on top of a running machine or doing cartwheels down the corridor. But happily, the research suggests that you donΓÇÖt even have to spring for gym membership.

Rather than speeding up at the end of a long day and running down to your local gym to tire yourself out even more, the experts are suggesting that we all slow down and recharge… with yoga.

Once the go-to of every L.A. woman and American housewife (if you believe what you watch on the TV), yoga is now more popular than ever here on our side of the Atlantic.

Research suggests that yoga not only de-stresses the wired mind but also improves that slumpy desk posture, encourages better circulation and heart function, makes you happier and can even help the effects that constant typing and clicking can have on your hands, wrists and arms.

So next time you start to feel the guilt creeping in as you see your co-workers lace up their trainers and take to the health centre why not just go home, put some nice music on and do a bit of yoga instead?

Is staying healthy as an office worker just a case of saying ΓÇÿnoΓÇÖ to cookies and channelling your inner peace? Is the reality a little different?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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