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The Bear Crashes Jim’s Birthday Bash

The Bear Crashes Jim’s Birthday Bash

With the aroma of cake circulating the office, once again The Bear was back at to help celebrate our MD’s 40th Birthday.

Jim, who turns 40 tomorrow (Saturday), was surprised by The Bear casually relaxing in his office this morning, amongst an array of balloons and banners.

In what is The Bear’s second appearance in less than a month, he obviously can’t keep away and presented Jim with a selection of gifts and should we say an ‘exotic’ cake.

However, intoxicated by the heady scent of birthday cake, things soon got out of control as The Bear started gorging himself on treats and generally making a nuissance of himself. The Bear was soon thrown out of Jim’s office for disruptive behaviour and told to go and think about what he had done.

Shamefaced, The Bear eventually calmed down enough to realise the error of his ways, and made amends before going on his merry way.

Other than that, the day went without a hitch. However Jim did complain that his birthday card contained too many nice messages, so feel free to ‘bear’ that in mind if making a comment below…

Happy Birthday Jim!


Click on the links below to see more photos of The Bear in action!

1) Limbering up | 2) Chuffed 3) Not impressed | 4) Shamefaced

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