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Take a seat: How to avoid back pain with quality office furniture

Take a seat: How to avoid back pain with quality office furniture

Research suggests that around 60% of adults in the UK suffer from back pain. While the true origin can vary – such as an old injury or a hereditary health condition – the chair you sit on in the office can greatly aggravate and further intensify the problem.

One of the best solutions is to invest in a quality office chair, which allows you to make adjustments to the height, tilt and slant of your chair. This means that you can adapt the chair to your body, and help keep back, neck and shoulder problems at bay.

Another solution is the use of an exercise ball in place of a chair. Jennifer Evans, Head Office Manager of recruitment firm RD Resourcing, has noticed the difference since replacing a standard office chair with an exercise ball.

“I started using it as I had constant back ache,” she says, “and I was sure it was from a bad quality chair and poor posture. I stopped using it for a while as I was using my chair again, but then since sitting on it again I’ve noticed how many muscles it works and how it was really helping my back.”

The ball helps keep your body straight by making you more aware of your posture, which also encourages you to make small, regular movements – thus helping to increase blood flow and circulation.

For more details about office furniture, take a look at our article: Avoid health problems with quality office furniture.

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