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Tackle unused office space for a greener workplace

Tackle unused office space for a greener workplace

A software company, RNM Systems, has stated that around 25m tonnes of carbon emissions in the UK could be cut each year, simply by consolidating unused office space. The current emission rate of offices in the UK is currently said to be 50m tonnes – which could be cut by half if firms tighten up on unused space.

In an article by, the benefits of resolving the problem of unused office space could help lead to a greener working environment.

The Office of Government Commerce states that office occupancy rates are currently under 50% in the public sector, and this figure is also close to being replicated in the private sector.

Jonathan Cutting, Head of Workplace Strategy at RNM Systems, believes that shutting an office floor through consolidating empty desks or introducing hot desking could save emissions, and cut costs for businesses:

“If you have half the desk space empty then the potential is there to halve the heating and air conditioning, as well as the energy costs and carbon that go with that.”

If you’re considering a more energy efficient office, get in touch with our team and find out more about greener offices in the UK.

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