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Summer Sales: Top 5 Tips for the Holiday Season

Summer Sales: Top 5 Tips for the Holiday Season

With school holidays and the quiet summer season now upon us, this can be a challenging time of year for the serviced office industry. So how do you stop your sales from taking a holiday?

When you’ve got a client coming in for a tour, there are plenty of little extras you can do to help boost your chances. To help you sharpen up your closing technique and commit clients to sign on the dotted line, here are five top tips from someone who knows a thing or two about closing deals – our Head of UK Sales, Chris Meredith.

1) Be prepared… In preparation for a tour, keep your space as smart as possible, especially the ‘first impression’ areas such as the building entrance and reception. If you have a promising client coming to see your space, go that extra mile – put some fresh flowers on reception, get the gardener in, tidy the front path and empty the bins!

Do whatever it takes to spruce your place up – it all helps to seal the deal.

2) Be a good listener… During the tour, ask questions about your client’s needs. Listen carefully, and try to offer solutions. What services can you offer to help improve their situation? Go the extra mile if you have to – but remember you might have to follow up on your promises, so don’t guarantee the impossible.

3) Time is against you… If the client has made positive signs during the tour, don’t let them get away without a call to action, or a directive from you. Tell the client when you will call, and arrange a time if possible – the more precise you can be the better.

The client could be touring buildings all day, so you need to get in there quick and follow up on any queries promptly. After the tour, send out your proposal straight away. It should be clear, concise, uncomplicated, and completely flawless – no spelling mistakes! Give the client a structured proposal outlining the key features of your space with the relevant details, but don’t beef it out unnecessarily.

4) Follow up on promises… If you say you will call at 10.00am on Monday, make sure you do. Your client has a business to run and will appreciate punctuality. They may be waiting for your call, so be sure not to disappoint. After all, they could be your next big deal.

5) Don’t stop there! If you think you have secured your next client, be forthcoming and push them to sign the contract. The gap between a verbal “yes” and a signature can quickly widen, as second thoughts, competition or unforeseen events creep in. Think about using incentives to entice them in. Give your deal the best possible chance and follow up quickly to keep the momentum going.

What other top tips can you recommend to help keep the momentum going during the quiet summer season? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

More tips on sales from our in-house expert Chris Meredith, aka ‘The Bear’, are available here:

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