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Suggestions Wanted for Vacant Office Space in Bristol

Suggestions Wanted for Vacant Office Space in Bristol

Vacant office space in Bristol could be redeveloped using publicly suggested ideas as part of the city councils ΓÇ£Area Action PlanΓÇ¥, which will seek to generate a ΓÇ£better central areaΓÇ¥ for both residents and visitors to the South West city.

Able to submit ideas, suggestions and comments via, the information collected through the website will form part of a wider development framework for the city, with the potential to help shape the development process in specific sites and provide protection to other areas such as important open space.

Described in some reports as ΓÇ£ghost streetsΓÇ¥ and a ΓÇ£plagueΓÇ¥ upon the city, the issue of the estimated 1.7m sq. ft. of vacant office space in Bristol is finally being addressed, with a desire to ΓÇ£bring back prosperityΓÇ¥ through asking residents what they want to see these vacant chunks of the city become.

ΓÇ£WeΓÇÖve got to restore and regenerate and come up with some great ideasΓÇ¥ explained Councillor Anthony Negus to the BBC, before acknowledging that the reason much of the office space in question lay empty was due to it not being compatible with modern working needs.

“The imperative now is that buildings are more specialised and some of these buildings are in another age and it is difficult to see how they can be refurbishedΓÇ¥ continued Negus before stating that some of the unwanted office space may face ΓÇ£a much more radical solutionΓÇ¥.

“Some of them may have to have a much more radical solution but the most important thing is to get life back into them.”

Despite the glut of commercial office space sitting empty in Bristol, the serviced office market in the city has seen a rise in average workstation prices and investment by providers, including a new Bristol office from serviced office space provider Orega.

This first foray into the South West office market by Orega, which follows hot on the heels of the creation of their first Central London office, suggests confidence in both of these office markets.


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