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Stay In The UK For Investment Says Firm

Stay In The UK For Investment Says Firm

However, as cracks start to appear in traditional overseas property markets such as Spain, Belvoir, the residential lettings and property management specialist, which operates a national network of over 100 offices including one in Ipswich, says more, cautious investors are taking a fresh look at buy-to-let properties on their home turf.

Some 800,000 properties are currently under construction in Spain hut, as house prices there start to decline, it is inevitable that some of these properties will remain on the market for some time.

Indeed, there are now fears that the Spanish property market could go into serious free fall as supply outstrips demand – a major concern for those who have recently invested in Spain.

Furthermore, rental incomes from Spanish properties are also under threat as holidaymakers turn their back on Spain, thus compounding the problem for British investors.

New markets such as Poland, Turkey and even further afield are proving popular with some speculative investors who are looking for quick returns on their investment and are willing to accept any associated risks. However, for many individual investors, taking big risks is
simply not on their agenda.

According to Belvoir, today’s smart investor is not always looking for a quick buck. Indeed the company reports that many of those turning to them for professional investment advice are now more interested in a secure, long-term investment.

And for those people, Belvoir’s advice is nearly always the same -stick to your home turf and invest in UK property rather than running the risk of buying into an emerging market which is riddled with uncertainty over the longer term.

Belvoir says that the number of potential investors visiting its offices for professional advice remains steady despite recent interestâ”¬Ă¡rises in the UK.

Chief executive Mike Goddard said: “Most people still view property as a good investment although they are perhaps more cautious than they were in previous years.”

“When they come to us for advice, many of them have already considered investing in an overseas property.

“However, increasingly they want to weigh up their options and compare any returns they might get with those secured from buying a property in the UK.”

“As with any investment there are, of course, in 100% guarantees but we would advise that putting your money into property in the UK remains a safer long term investment.”

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