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Stay Connected: Going Social with Your Business

Stay Connected: Going Social with Your Business

Don’t be afraid of social media: your business is best connected.

Since the appearance of major social media platforms in the early 21st century, the trend has grown from strength to strength, taking peopleΓÇÖs money, time, interest and business with it.

But despite the daily proliferation of tweets, posts, connections and pins, people have yet to fully grasp the potential and the pitfalls of bringing their lives ΓÇô and more importantly, their businesses ΓÇô into the limelight of the social sphere.

Prepare your business for the new meaning of ΓÇÿbeing onlineΓÇÖ. Approach the task with the following 5 rules in mind and tread confidently, but with care.

1. Talk or Be Talked About

It is now a commonly held view among most if not all major players in the advertising industry that the biggest danger of social media is not being involved in it.

The message is that social media is a platform for people to talk ΓÇô and whether youΓÇÖre talking or not, youΓÇÖre bound to be talked about. So itΓÇÖs important to be there and spark conversations with your customers or partners, who may be out there wondering where you are.

2. Remember WhoΓÇÖs In Control

In the recent case of Phonedog LLC vs. Noah Kravitz, a court heard how a social media rep left his company… taking all the Twitter followers with him by modifying the account.

When thinking of going social and gathering your resources in-house, itΓÇÖs important to make it clear that any social platforms you establish are as much the property of your company as your website, and that they reflect your brand and its values with equal importance.

3. Social is Interaction, Not Distraction

Social is all about company interaction with clients, partners and colleagues. ItΓÇÖs not supposed to be used as a distraction from your usual business, but rather as a place for people to comment on it and ask questions or share experiences.

Remember that the nature of the interaction varies depending on the platform youΓÇÖre using. For example, among the top three, LinkedIn is professional, Facebook is shareable and Twitter is a great place to post your headlines and talk about them.

4. ThereΓÇÖs No Such Thing as Negative

One of the biggest barriers to social media usage among companies is the fear of negative commentary. If you open yourself to opinion, wonΓÇÖt the floodgates open? Before you know it, followers could be pouring in to complain about your terrible service!

Well, first weΓÇÖd recommend that you donΓÇÖt provide a terrible service. But if your fear is becoming a platform for peopleΓÇÖs negativity, it neednΓÇÖt be. The chances are that conversations will be happening, negatively or otherwise, regardless of your social activity and having your own presence is the best way to control the conversation and answer concerns proactively and constructively.

5. Going On The Record – Permanently

ItΓÇÖs fair to say that thereΓÇÖs not really a ΓÇÿdeleteΓÇÖ button in social media, as what has been seen cannot be unseen even if you remove it. The moment you set up your profile and start tweeting, posting, commenting or pinning, you hit ΓÇÿplayΓÇÖ and the internet never stops recording. So itΓÇÖs vitally important to think before you share.

Be prepared for the 24 hour nature of the social sphere, the fact that the ticker never stops turning, the audience never stops listening and, even if youΓÇÖre not contributing every day, thereΓÇÖs no such thing as ΓÇÿtime offΓÇÖ from being noticed on the web.

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