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Startups: When, Where and How to Find Your First Office

Startups: When, Where and How to Find Your First Office

Running a startup? Wondering when, where or maybe how to find your first office? We round up some of the best advice from the officebroker blog. Think of it as a ΓÇ£best ofΓÇ¥ collection for our startup advice.

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5 Signs ItΓÇÖs Time to Move On from Your Home Office

Running your business from home? For many startups, a clue that your fledgling business is ready to take off is making that transition from home office to rented office. We look at five signs you could be ready to make that big first step.

Renting Office Space? 5 Things You Need to Consider

Of course, if you are ready to rent that first office, then what could be better than some handy hints and tips to ensure that your search goes as smoothly as possible? Read the five essential things you need to consider during your office search ΓÇô from checking out the neighbours to weighing up the value.

If budget is on your mind then our piece on how you could be wasting money on office space is a must-read to set you on the right track. Avoid these five money-wasting ways and reap the rewards.

Shared Office Space Helps Startups Survive

Thinking about renting your very first office? Last year we looked at how sharing office space can help startups survive and grow. 50% of startups incorporate sharing resources into their original business plan while 22% are already sharing office space. Meanwhile, a greater supply of shared space ΓÇô in a variety of forms ΓÇô is making it easier than ever to find a solution that suits your business.

5 Signs Your Startup Needs a Virtual Office

Not ready for an office just yet? We started 2014 with a look at the benefits of using a virtual office in the early stages of your new business. A worthwhile read for homeworkers and for startups looking to explore all the options for their business premises.

Starting up in London?

We navigate the vibrant startup scene in the capital to show you some of the best locations for startups. Last year, we considered SE1 as a startup stepping stone (including showing you some of the space on offer). By the end of the year, the popularity of SE1 had soared, and we revisited the area in a new article, looking at alternative locations for startups needing more affordable options.

ItΓÇÖs not all about London though. Our Tech City Contenders series looks at popular locations for tech startups outside the capital, from Brighton to Manchester. ItΓÇÖs a theme weΓÇÖll no doubt be revisiting on the blog over the coming year. So keep coming back to discover great startup locations across the rest of the UK.

Startup owners ΓÇô what else would you like us to cover on the officebroker blog? Share your ideas in the comments below ΓÇô or tweet us @officebrokercom

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