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Stars of go for ICON Glory

Stars of go for ICON Glory stars: Rachel Lapins, Kirsty Lees and Becci-Jane Strawford

The golden girls of – Rachel Lapins, Kirsty Lees and Becci-Jane Strawford (pictured) – are well on their way to becoming’s very first ‘ICONs’, a new scheme designed to raise the bar on already high standards of service delivery and performance at

From day one, has helped clients by providing a thorough consultation, which enables clients’ needs to be fully identified before they are matched to a suitable workplace – resulting in office solutions that are as close to perfect as possible.

This approach has secured the position of No.1 UK serviced office space specialist, and the company now operates a global office search service operating from five headquarters around the world.

However, Managing Director Jim Venables believes that there is still more to offer, and in order to tap into this potential, has launched a new scheme designed to encourage his UK team to meet the challenge and prove that they are top-class consultants.

Becoming ICONs

“We call it ICON status,” commented Jim, who founded back in 2001 alongside business partner Andy Haywood. “It’s not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work to reach and to maintain it. But that’s what itΓÇÖs all about.”

He added: “Becoming an ICON means delivering a great service and performing consistently against five KPIs, which means our clients get the service they need and our consultants get the recognition they deserve.” ICON status

Having been an entrepreneur for many years and with an international, multi-million pound business under his belt, Jim is no stranger to hard work. He believes that stringent targets and tough challenges are key for generating success, and is pushing this mentality through the new ICON scheme.

“All of our consultants are fully capable of reaching ICON status,” he added. “And after our first month’s results, I’m delighted to see that three of our team already have it within arm’s reach.”

Golden girls Rachel Lapins, Kirsty Lees and Becci-Jane Strawford are the talk of the team this month, by tackling the challenge head-on and finishing within a hair’s breadth of the tricky ICON status.

“We weren’t expecting anyone to achieve it in the first month, as there are so many different elements involved. But in their usual way, the girls have proved me wrong, and it seems that they are showing the guys how it’s done!”

ICON explained

To become an ICON, consultants must meet five monthly targets that focus on different areas of the office search process. These include helping past clients who wish to move on to bigger space, and hitting targets based around tours, placements and revenue.

Each consultant gets support from their team leader and Sales Manager along the way, with additional training where necessary, and performance tracking through daily, weekly and monthly stats. These support channels are designed to help each individual identify and then focus on their weaker areas, which ultimately fine-tunes their performance and provides a higher level of service for clients.

Once consultants achieve all five targets, they become an ICON – and receive a number of privileges such as a company credit card (to spend on their team-mates), first class travel and accommodation when visiting office providers, and a certificate on the ‘Wonderwall of Fame’ in the head office.

If ICON status is consistently reached for six months in a row, the consultant gets their own ‘Hollywood Star’ in the office complete with their hand-print and award ceremony, an all-expenses-paid 5* trip to London, and an extra day’s annual leave.

“It’s not easy, but I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think everyone here could reach it,” commented Jim. “The fantastic early performance by Kirsty, Rachel and Becci shows that it’s clearly attainable – and I’m looking forward to next month to see who will be our very first ICON.”


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