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Spotlight on: Stephen Preston

Spotlight on: Stephen Preston

Client Services Director, Stephen Preston

Stephen, who previously worked as an IT salesperson before joining in 2007, has excelled as an Account Manager with the company and is now managing our Thames Valley, Central and Greater London teams.

He has successfully forged important business relationships for the company that is leading to its continued growth within the commercial property sector, and is now responsible for leading two teams at that consistently generate the highest proportion of revenue.

Find out more about Stephen in our two-minute interview, or get in touch with him direct via email, through LinkedIn, or by calling 0800 111 6 444.

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Can you describe your role at

My role is changing from Client Services Director to Sales Manager for Central London and Thames Valley. The Services Director role worked well, and I achieved what I set out to do – we now have a number of very strong agent relationships and this part of the company is starting to generate a good turnover.

So I am now overseeing a team of 12 people in my new role, who are responsible for a large portion of our monthly target.

What do you enjoy most about working at

I enjoy the fact that I am given the chance to not only develop myself, but also the company as a whole and the team around me. The trust I have from higher in the company is great and it inspires me to help drive the company forward. It’s also great to manage a team as I get a chance to see the people developing around me, the more I can help them then the more satisfaction I get.

What roles have you had in the past at – and what are your fondest memories?

I started here 4 years ago working as an Account Manager on Greater London and I quickly moved up onto the Central London team. I worked on that area for two and a half years and had a great time building myself into the person I am today.

The training with Jim Venables, Andy Haywood and Chris Meredith was intense but I look back on those days as good times – they certainly helped to make me the person I am now and overall I feel much more confident in my skill-set than I would have without their help… I obviously look back fondly on all the nights out that I can only just remember as well!

What did you do before you joined

Before I joined in 2007 I must admit I did not know what I wanted to do. I joined here at 22 so I was still young and I had been bouncing around trying to find a profession to fit me as a person.

I’ve worked as an underwriter in a bank, I’ve sold IT goods to schools and colleges, and I even had my beginning stint at Woolworths on the tills! After I passed my driving test it opened up a world of possibilities and was the first thing which really made me think I could test myself. I had to have three or four interviews due to my lack of experience so I’m pretty happy that I am still here and that I’m holding so much responsibility now.

What are the most unusual requests you have ever had to deal with?

I’ve heard so may ridiculous things in my time here I don’t know where to start! From clients calling in asking to buy bird feed and seeds, to my staff telling me that their washing machine had broken so therefore they had no trousers and could not come in to work! I won’t go into them all, but you hear hilarious things all the time.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a normal 26 year old, so I enjoy a good night out (at least twice a week!) with the mates and the loved one! I spend a lot of time with my family – my sister is in South Korea at the moment teaching English so I’m missing her and looking forward to going over in May for a week (watch this space for pictures of me teaching the class!)

In my spare time I also produce short films with a very close friend of mine who is a Director. On the back of these films he has been accepted into the London School of Film & Art and is doing a two-year course to become a full time Director. I’m excited for him and looking forward to getting back on the producing side when he is back from school – as long as it’s on the weekends! If not at least I’ll get to go to a few Premiers.

Tell us something that we donΓÇÖt know about you…

I’m very open so I don’t think there is anything people don’t know about me. At the same time there are a few things no one shares, so I’ll keep you guessing on that one!

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Contact Stephen by calling 0800 111 6 444, via email on or through LinkedIn.

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