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Spotlight on: Liz Yorke

Spotlight on: Liz Yorke

Liz Yorke – Head of Global Operations – is renowned for being a bit of a “Monica”

Having been with the company since the early days, Liz Yorke is an official “lifer” at She is also one of the healthiest, having had just one day off sick in 6 and a half years.

As Head of Global Operations, Liz is responsible for a multitude of different processes and projects that fall under marketing and operations both in the UK and internationally. She has become an integral part of the company and carries out numerous roles, switching from project manager to system tester to designer in any given day.

Find out more about Liz in our two-minute interview, or get in touch with her direct via email, LinkedIn, or by calling 0870 112 3667 (opt 2).

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What do you do at

I manage a team of 7 people – the operations and marketing team. We cover a multitude of sins – everything from helping providers update their details and add new buildings, to writing blogs, producing stats and reports and also generating enquiries via a range of marketing channels. We do this globally, supporting our offices in the US and Asia Pacific aswell as the UK operation.

How long have you been with, and how has your role changed since you joined?

I have been with the company for almost 6 ┬╜ years. I think I was about the 8th person Jim and Andy employed, and I started as a sales consultant. I joined at a very exciting time, which meant I was lucky enough to develop my career in line with the growth of the company.

Within a few months, I moved off sales to help set up the Marketing and Business Development Department – initially to concentrate on provider relationships and to implement internal processes and procedures. As the company grew, so did my responsibilities, taking on projects around the start-up of the US business and later EMEA and Asia Pac.

Now, I am responsible for a number of things, including online marketing, enquiry generation, website and new system development projects and our overall marketing strategy moving forward… I often say, if it is not Sales, Finance or IT, it will be under my remit!

What do you enjoy most about working at

It is a lot of fun! It is hard work, stressful, frustrating sometimes but it is always very rewarding. I can genuinely say that I enjoy coming to work – the atmosphere is great and there is always something happening. I get bored easily and like a challenge so my job suits me well as I am involved in so many different things… If I am not stupidly busy I am not happy!

What are the most unusual requests you have ever had to deal with?

At least once a week I get a phone call on my Direct Dial from someone who thinks I am the Red Cross and wants to book a training course. It’s always tempting to take their details down… but I never have, I promise!

Describe your corner of the office…

I sit on a long pod of 8 with my team, in the top left hand corner at the back of the office. I have a project notebook, a four-colour pen, a calculator and a draw-ful of Gray’s Herbal Tablets. Take one of these out of the equation and I am lost.

What are your pet hates?

Bad Manners, Children and Nick Clegg. Also the Times New Roman font.

What or who makes you laugh?

Often the most ridiculous thing can set me off that is not even funny – once I am laughing that is it, you have no chance of getting any sense from me! But also Peter Kay, Frank Skinner dancing in his pants, and people falling over.

Tell us something that we donΓÇÖt know about you…

I am currently locked in a battle of wills with a man in my local pub who believes that my table is his table… It is not, it is mine. And I am winning.

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Contact Liz via email, LinkedIn, or by calling 0870 112 3667 (opt 2).

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