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Spotlight on: Jo Davey

Spotlight on: Jo Davey

Jo Davey

Jo Davey has been part of since day one. Her dedication helped to keep the company afloat in the early days and gave founders Jim Venables and Andy Haywood the support they needed to grow the company.

As enters its 10th year in the business, Jim conceded that the company simply “wouldnΓÇÖt be here if it wasn’t for Jo”.

He said: “She has been the cornerstone of the business from the start and there is no doubt that her influence helped us to become what we are today. We have certainly come a long way and thanks to Jo, we can look forward to celebrating another successful year in the industry.”

April 2002 marked the first enquiry received by With a coinciding birthday milestone for Jo in the same month, Jim and Andy are marking the occasion with a special celebration by sending Jo on a 2-week holiday to the Maldives as a tribute to her incredible contribution to

Find out more about Jo in our latest ‘In the Spotlight’ feature…

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Meet Jo Davey!

Describe your corner of the office…

There are 5 in my corner of the office and we share great rapport. It’s a quiet area to work in until Karl or Stuart start up, typical men, they love the banter but it keeps us alive and they are very funny! Each one has their own characteristics but we understand that and get on really well in such a close environment.

What do you do at, in a nutshell?

My position as New Business Manager is dealing with the Office Providers, I like to visit and see what they have to offer, it is really great to meet the people you have been talking to for a number of years they are like old friends. I also talk to them about Video Listings, this has taken off particularly since March this year, a great marketing tool and I know just how much the Video is helping them so it makes me happy.

Name three things in your life you love the most…

I love my Sons! They are three of the most honest and ethical people you could wish to meet and they have great attributes between them and are there for each other whatever happens in their lives, I am blessed.

I love what a fantastic place to work , the staff are tremendous and I cannot speak more highly of all of them they are brilliant and very funny to be around and make it a pleasure to come to work. I love the Lord and I know Jim will say you canΓÇÖt say that! But I just have!

Your pet hates…

I hate it when people ΓÇÿtailgateΓÇÖ it is so dangerous, I hate injustice most of all especially when you are not in a position to help or put it right, it frustrates me. I hate cruelty to animals, especially doggies, how people can treat them so badly is beyond belief.

What makes you laugh?

My husband makes me laugh! He is so easy to be around as he doesn’t have moods like a lot of people, he is light hearted and a really free spirit. Michael McIntyre, Freddie Starr (when he is not being rude!) make me laugh. I think I have a visual humour – if someone falls over I have to laugh, not good is it?

What’s on your mind right now?

I am thinking about the weekend and the gardening and shed clear out I need to do! Then comes the relaxing bit.

Top of your wish list…

Top of my wish list – wait for it! A penthouse suite overlooking a beautiful city so you can watch the evening lights twinkling whilst sipping champagne……

Get in touch with Jo by email on, by phone on 0844 412 8709 or via LinkedIn.

Read more about’s early days and how the company survived here.

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