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Spotlight On: Alastair Maloney

Spotlight On: Alastair Maloney

Ally Maloney – Account Manager at

What areas are you responsible for at

I specialise in predominantly Newcastle, Glasgow and Leeds in the North, and Watford, Crawley, Brighton, Portsmouth in the South. Absolutely brilliant diverse areas, it’s amazing the difference in requirement with the North/South divide!

How long have you been with, and what did you do before you joined?

I’ve been with for about 2 years now. After leaving Uni with a degree in Hospitality & Business Management I decided the natural thing to do would be not to work in a restaurant anymore and work in Sales!

I joined a graduate training scheme selling contracts to hire cars, I worked my way up to branch manager, then decided I needed a new challenge. I then worked for a plumbing and heating trade association selling a very complex product, I left that job on the Friday and started at on the Monday!

What do you enjoy most about working at

I love working at I enjoy the fast paced high pressure environment. With the ever changing markets and increasing number of enquiries, working from North to South all the time it’s a fantastic job.

I have some great properties I look after, with some amazing people running the buildings. I can truly say I have friends all over the country now!

…and what don’t you like?

I hate getting up early! I live about 50 miles away from the office, so it’s a long drive down the M6 every day! I would have also liked the Royal Wedding off… but that’s another story!

What are the most unusual requests that you have ever had to deal with?

Wow – so many I could mention! The beauty of serviced offices is that we get to speak to so many different types of companies. Really the serviced office market can turn it’s hand to any business.

For me the it’s the unusual and challenging requests I enjoy. I recently found space for a security company who needed secured space for explosives, and space to park a tank!

Describe your office neighbours…

The rest of the UK sales team are great. We are all in our 20’s (or like me trying to hold on to my 20’s!) so we get on really well. Plenty of banter to keep the time passing. We have a great sense of team work, If I remember correctly the winning team at the paint balling was made up mostly of the rest of the UK team.

What are your pet hates?

I can’t stand cold callers! But not all of them, only the ones who haven’t researched properly. After working in sales for 7 years I’ve learnt the hard way. If you want to speak to a decision maker, you need to be well prepared.

I also hate tomatoes! Yuk!

Who or what makes you laugh?

I have quite a wicked sense of humour. I’m very sarcastic and love playing practical jokes. Lots of my colleagues have been on the receiving end of my sense of humour – poor old Tom tends to take the brunt of it!

My favourite comedian has got to be Frankie Boyle.

What do you do in your spare time?

Well I moved into a new house last weekend, so my time is pretty much taken up with my wife finding me decorating and DIY jobs to do! When I’m not doing that I love spending time with my children just doing normal family stuff.

Tell us something that we don’t know about you…

I’m a pretty open person, in this job you tend to tell people everything about yourself!

However when I was about 5 I fell down some marble stairs at my aunt’s wedding and broke my nose! I also have a some piercings that are not on show – not even my mum knows about that!

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Contact Ally via email, on LinkedIn, or by calling 0800 111 6 444.

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