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Spending Review to Generate Surge in SMEs?

Spending Review to Generate Surge in SMEs?

With plans already in place to off-load its empty office space throughout the UK, Chancellor George Osborne will today deliver the long-awaited Spending Review ΓÇô with early reports claiming that up to 500,000 public sector jobs could join the governmentΓÇÖs property portfolio on the chopping block of Madame Guillotine during the next few years.

As seen during the recent recession, an influx of forced unemployment can create a new wave of entrepreneurs and businesses, something that the coalition government seems to be banking on in its hope of a private sector led recovery.

If todayΓÇÖs Spending Review does indeed generate a surge in SMEs and other business ventures ΓÇô assuming the newly formed Banking Taskforce can agree on how to get credit rolling again ΓÇô then the serviced office space sector, in which is the largest independent broker here in the UK, could be well positioned to accommodate and support such enterprises.

Having continued to grow in popularity amongst businesses of all shapes and sizes in recent years, serviced offices have moved on from being a ΓÇ£temporaryΓÇ¥ option for a businessΓÇÖs workspace, to become a viable long-term solution to their office space needs.

Indeed in comments that will accompany the release of officebroker.comΓÇÖs Serviced Office Review series, MD of Abbey Business Centres Julie Grieve, who have a national network of businesses centres including one within Central LondonΓÇÖs iconic ΓÇ£GherkinΓÇ¥, reveals that some of AbbeyΓÇÖs clients have chosen to remain in serviced office space for over 10 years ΓÇô highlighting its practical appeal and long-term sustainability for businesses.

And why wouldnΓÇÖt this form of flexible office space, with its easy to manage cost structure and low-risk appeal, prove to be a great place to do business for established firms and those who may choose to set-up in business for themselves in the up-coming years?

Of course embarking on the journey from employee to employer may not appeal to everyone, but for those who do take this course of action the environment surrounding many serviced office buildings can also be a great advantage, with the array of businesses operating within a serviced office / business centre helping to form a strong business community from which new ventures can accumulate knowledge and advise ΓÇô maybe even reciprocal business.

While it reported that wage freezes and flexibility over hours should help minimise the redundancies resulting from todayΓÇÖs Spending Review, suggested forecasts of 490,000 fewer public sector workers by 2014-15 make the arrival of such new businesses to serviced offices throughout the UK a high possibility.

If you starting a business, or simply looking to add flexibility and an increased level of cost control to your office space requirements ΓÇô can help.

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