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Social Media: Connecting the Serviced Office Industry

Social Media: Connecting the Serviced Office Industry

Last month we published an article about social media, and how online tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter can keep the business world connected and help to build new opportunities for companies and individuals.

This morning, I sent an invitation via LinkedIn to connect with Kerry Loughrey, Assistant Manager of Gosport Business Centre. One of the things that struck me about KerryΓÇÖs profile was her picture ΓÇô instead of the usual suit-clad head-and-shoulders profile picture (like mine!), Kerry had uploaded a photo of her jumping out of an aeroplane.

Needless to say, this instantly sparked a conversation through LinkedIn which involved such phrases as “braver than me” and “never again”. Although I donΓÇÖt know Kerry personally, I thought that this was an excellent way to break the ice and get acquainted ΓÇô and just goes to show how effective social media can be.

It also shows that despite being a professional networking site, often typified as the “business version of Facebook”, LinkedIn doesnΓÇÖt necessarily need to fit into the business model stereotype, and adding some personal traits such as an interesting photo can go a long way to helping people really get connected.

It turns out that the hair-raising skydive in question was part of a charity event that Kerry took part in last year.

Kerry, who admits to being scared of both flying and heights, completed the jump last August to raise funds for the Rainbow Centre in Fareham ΓÇô a charity that provides education and support for children with Cerebral Palsy in the South of England.

The jump, which was organised in conjunction with the Army Parachute Association, took place at their base in Netheravon on Salisbury Plain. Having climbed to a dizzying altitude of 13,000 ft, Kerry was then strapped to skydive instructor Stuart before being launched out of the plane and free-falling for around 35 seconds.

Kerry commented that it was “singularly the most terrifying experience of my life, never, ever again!” She added that she was glad to have done it, and “delighted to have raised much needed funds for the Rainbow Centre.”

Kerry raised the huge sum of £1103.12, which was match funded by the ACT Foundation to make a total of £2206.24, all of which was donated to the Rainbow Centre in Fareham.

Find out more about the Rainbow Centre online at

Are you using social media to stay in touch with your colleagues and clients? Leave a comment below or get in touch on to share your thoughts.

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