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Snow Where to Go? Think Again!

Snow Where to Go? Think Again!

So once again the majority of the UK, its businesses and the office space from which they operate have become a victim of a wintery blast.

But while many news sites have chosen to ram home the benefits of working from home when such conditions begin to chill our business bones – it felt a little odd to plough this same path here at given that we wrote about it last week following our office fire… so instead I thought I might suggest some (alternative) ideas to UK business bosses about how to overcome old Jack Frost.

Well the first thing that springs to my mind after battling through the snow to reach the office and listening to the traffic reports on the Chris Evan Breakfast Show, is that disruption to the daily commute is a major reason for staff failing to arrive for work after a few flakes of snow have landed on their driveway:

Suggestion 1: DonΓÇÖt ever let your staff go home.

Camp beds are available from Argos for as little as £9.99 and sleeping bags for as little as £10.66 – or £16.65 if you feel like splashing out on a sleeping bag featuring Woody from Disney Pixar’s Toy story.

If you really want to capitalise on the classic workhouse setup, why not double the number of employees, split them into 2 shifts and have one sleep beneath the desk while the other continues to work? Not only could it save time on the commute and double output ΓÇô but it would also save on heating bills thanks to a pre-warmed sleeping bag and readily available foot warmer!

Suggestion 2: Only Employ Inuit, Yupik & Aleut (a.k.a EskimoΓÇÖs).

So the cold weather is a problem eh? Well if thatΓÇÖs the case why not recruit straight from some of the coldest places on Earth? When you live in an environment where it can average -34 degrees centigrade even the UKΓÇÖs coldest snap should not stand in the way.

An added bonus is that with the melting of the Polar Icecaps set to speed-up over the next 20 years recruitment should be easy! Further research would be needed however to see how they would cope in the summer ΓÇô all 4 days of it.

Suggestion 3: Relocate the entire company to somewhere warm.

Possibly more expensive than my first two suggestions ΓÇô but with the prospect of clement year-round weather and maybe even some sea, sand and sangria, moving your office space to a new location on a far-away shore is not without its perks!

Be-grudgingly I admit that working from home or securing space in an easily accessible serviced office during this snowy period MAY be slightly better than my alternative suggestions ΓÇô but I would be quite keen on a Woody Sleeping Bag.

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