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Small businesses take advantage of 26% drop in London office rents

Small businesses take advantage of 26% drop in London office rents

In our latest report, here at we look further into the trends of small businesses, and how the first quarter of 2009 matches up to the second.

Overall, Q1 2009 produced more enquiries from smaller businesses, but it is encouraging to see that the differences between Q1 and Q2 are slight – suggesting that the small business sector is holding its own against the recession.

Many are also receiving a helping hand in the form of cheaper office space. Our figures from the first 6 months of 2009 show that there’s been a 26% drop in the average monthly cost of renting a serviced workstation in Central London, compared to 2008. Because of this, many small businesses are able to seriously consider a desk or small office space in the City – something that may previously have been out of reach.

Take a look at our report for full details, and to find out our current average prices of workstations in Central London:

Small business office trends for 2009 Q1 and Q2.

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