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Sign of the Times: Transforms Head Office

Sign of the Times: Transforms Head Office

Having painted the corridors on both floors of the head office last month, the team behind’s orange walls have now added new signs to the walkways.

Running almost the full length of the corridors at the company’s head office near Tamworth, the new signs that adorn the walls have been installed from individual lettering that reads “welcome to”.

The signage is part of a planned transformation to implement the company’s branding throughout the interior of the head office, which takes up two floors of a former cotton mill in the town of Fazeley, a few miles south of Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The new lettering is the first of a series of display signs which will be added throughout the building over the coming weeks. Additional signage is being implemented in stages to avoid disruption to’s 60-strong staff-force, which includes Sales, Marketing, Finance and IT.

Aside from managing UK operations, several departments from the Staffordshire-based team such as Marketing also handle procedures for the company’s global offices, based in Dallas (Texas) and Perth (Western Australia).

The new lettering has so far been well-received by the staff, with some commenting that the latest addition helps to “tone down” the vibrant orange walls!

Pictured: “welcome to”.

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