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Severn Trent Water Begin Filling Coventry Offices

Severn Trent Water Begin Filling Coventry Offices

Severn Trent Water have begun filling the office space of their new £60m centre in Coventry, with the first of 1,700 employees taking to their desks in the 170,000 sq. ft. building as the company begins the process of transferring staff to the new site.

In preparation for the move to their new office space staff were given the opportunity to get a taste of the new building through a series of taster sessions organised by the firm ΓÇô all designed to familiarise them with the layout of the building and the new facilities on offer to them.

ΓÇ£We want our employees to know what to expect on that first day when they will be required to turn up for work in the new building,ΓÇ¥ explained Oliver West, Human Resources Manager for the Severn Trent Centre Project Team in a press release.

ΓÇ£Our orientation sessions aim to give people a real taster of what to expect, and should help them to ΓÇÿhit the ground runningΓÇÖ when they do start.ΓÇ¥ continued west, ΓÇ£We hope that seeing whatΓÇÖs in store will help whet their appetites for coming to work in the new building and give them a sense of anticipation.ΓÇ¥

Preparing for a move to new office space is of course a good idea, with orientating employees and ensuring that the relevant systems are in place being central to making such a move go smoothly.

For those businesses operating from the six serviced offices operating within the vicinity (CV1) of the new Severn Trent offices however, much of that potential headache has been removed thanks to the ΓÇ£plug & playΓÇ¥ nature of the office space they occupy.

Designed to allow businesses move in and begin trading from day 1, the flexibility and accessibility of serviced office space has become increasing popular amongst many business ΓÇô with everyone from SMEs to blue-chip corporations utilising them to help fulfil their workspace requirements.

In the Coventry area alone there are 38 serviced office buildings on offer*to businesses, each providing a range of facilities that are suited to many different business types.

To view the serviced office space available in your area ΓÇô CLICK HERE

*Based on the current number of serviced office buildings advertising through the service ΓÇô the largest broker of serviced office space in the UK.

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