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Set Up Shop in Sherwood Forest

Set Up Shop in Sherwood Forest

The addition of a new business centre on the website means that companies now have the chance to base their business at the heart of one of the UK’s favourite legends.

Located on a business park in the 70-acre Ransom Wood, right in the heart of Sherwood Forest territory, the centre not only boasts an attractive location, but one that fires the imagination of anyone who knows the tale of Robin Hood.

Legend has it that outlaw Robin Hood, a skilled archer and swordsman, lived in Sherwood Forest with his band of Merry Men, stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

And according to local lore, Will Scarlet – one of Robin Hood’s Merry Men – is buried in a local church.

But for those with a penchant for more modern (and more proven) history, the site is also of interest for military enthusiasts, as it was reportedly used by the army during World War 1 as a training ground, and a huge network of trenches were dug over thousands of acres of woodland.

Today the site has been redeveloped as a business park, and offers a unique office space location for businesses with many key facilities on hand.

In addition, to enable the site to work in harmony with its historical and rural environment, on-going work is being carried out to protect the woodland, reduce energy consumption and improve waste management, which will enable the buildings to maintain the correct environmental balance.

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