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Serviced Offices: North / South Pricing Divide in Q1 2010

Serviced Offices: North / South Pricing Divide in Q1 2010

The average cost of a single workstation in the UKΓÇÖs Serviced Offices during the opening quarter of 2010 has shown a significant north / south divide.

Based on the average cost of an individual workstation recorded regionally by serviced office specialist, it is clear that outside of Central London the cost of serviced office space falls as the distance increases from the capital ΓÇô until you reach Scotland that is.

During the opening quarter of 2010 Central London recorded an average workstation cost of £514.00. But in the West Midlands, only 120 miles and around an hours train journey away that workstation cost had fallen by 60% to an average of £204.00.

Moving north from the West Midlands region-wide prices continued to fall although at a far lesser rate than in our first comparison, with the North West and North East regions recording average prices of £171.00 and £145.00 respectively.

What is interesting however is how serviced offices in Scotland clearly break this pattern, instead recording average workstation costs of £291.00 and placing it as the second most expensive location for serviced office space outside the Central London region during the entirety of the opening quarter of 2010.

You can learn more about regional performance of the UKΓÇÖs serviced office market with the Serviced Office Review Series from office space consultancy These industry reports are available for free from the Stats & Facts section of the website.

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