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Serviced Offices in Greater London Explored in Report

Serviced Offices in Greater London Explored in Report

An insight into the serviced office space industry in Greater London has today been published by, the UKΓÇÖs largest broker of serviced office space, tracking the trends and changes recorded by the broker in Q2 10 compared to Q2 09.

Within the report the broker highlights an increase in the individual enquiries it has received for serviced offices in Greater London, but also reports a decrease in the average price of serviced office workstations compared to twelve months ago.

In addition the report also reveals that while a lower number individual businesses have entered serviced office space in Greater London through the service during Q2 10, the average workstation requirement of those businesses which did are 27% higher than in the same period of 2009. Other areas presented in the report include overall supply and average license length.

Part of a series, which covers 12 UK regions and is available to download for free from the Stat & Facts section of the brokerΓÇÖs website, the Serviced Office Review Series from is produced on a quarterly basis and draws on the brokers own internal data, presenting quarter-on-quarter changes alongside year-to-date and national comparisons.

Serviced Office Review: Greater London: Q2 2010

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