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Why Serviced Offices are the Ideal Environment for Scale-ups

Why Serviced Offices are the Ideal Environment for Scale-ups

Smart scale-ups are already tapping into the potential of serviced offices to help them grow their business from ambitious startup to fully fledged SME. HereΓÇÖs why.

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Back in January, Enterprise Nation declared 2014 the Year of the Growing Business. After all, UK business confidence is on the up, and more and more businesses are hatching growth plans.

ItΓÇÖs no coincidence that alongside this trend weΓÇÖre seeing the rising popularity of serviced offices. Here are three reasons why serviced space is the right choice for companies making the transition from startup to scale-up.

1. Free up time to focus on your core business

YouΓÇÖve managed to clear four hours in your hectic schedule. Would you rather spend it recruiting a super sales person who will generate revenue for your business, or interviewing for a cleaning crew?

WeΓÇÖll wager good money you said ΓÇ£salespersonΓÇ¥. It makes sound business sense, after all, that when youΓÇÖre growing your business, you want to focus your time and energy on activities which will contribute directly to that goal.

HereΓÇÖs where serviced offices can help. The ΓÇ£servicedΓÇ¥ aspect covers a range of onsite support which is included with your office space. This typically includes a reception team to welcome your visitors, a cleaning team to keep your offices fresh and even people to take care of maintenance work. All of this is overseen by a centre management team who are there to ensure the smooth running of your offices, each and every day.

In other words, moving into a serviced office means gaining an office space, without taking on all the management responsibilities that go with it. Because there are far more valuable ways to spend your time than ordering loo roll, organising cleaners and answering the door every time thereΓÇÖs a visitor.

2. Simplified finances

Renting an office is a complicated business: you’ve got the lease itself, the fit-out costs, business rates, utilities bills, maintenance costs… the list goes on.

Serviced offices simplify all these costs into a single monthly rental rate (sometimes even including a set amount of phone and internet usage, depending on your package). This means a fixed monthly outgoing for the cost of renting and running your office.

3. Scale up at short notice

Short-term rental agreements (usually months, rather than years) are a key characteristic of serviced office space. This frees you from making a long-term commitment to a space which may no longer suit you in twelve monthsΓÇÖ time, let alone five years down the line. It has another key benefit too ΓÇô it gives you the ability to scale-up your operation and expand your space at short notice.

Say that you need to double the size of your team in a short period and need to take on additional office space to accommodate them. If youΓÇÖre already based in a serviced office, you may be able to take on extra space within your current building before your current rental period is up.

Your new office will be ready furnished with extra desks and phones for your new team members. All you need to worry about is recruiting the right staff.

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