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Serviced offices and creative thinking boost start-up businesses

Serviced offices and creative thinking boost start-up businesses

Starting a business has never been cheaper – and now is the time to do it, according to a report by the Times. For start-up businesses, the recession has brought overheads tumbling down, with many essential business tools now a fraction of their ‘boom years’ cost, or free.

Serviced offices are a tried and tested method of securing cheaper office space. Here at, small businesses and start-ups make up a large proportion of enquiries – recent figures show that 77% of all enquiries over the first two quarters of 2009 were for businesses seeking office space of five desks or under.

Little or no deposit, short-term rental agreements, one manageable monthly cost, and flexible contracts are just some of the benefits of a serviced office. also helps businesses to find and negotiate the best deal.

Furthermore, in addition to serviced offices, there are many other ways in which start-ups are benefitting from price-wars and tough competition in the marketplace. Jon Elliman of Soda Art says that a growing number of online service providers are offering basic services for free, and only charging for premium packages. The services offered range from invoicing and project management tools to online storage and office software.

Physical goods such as office furniture and equipment can also be found for free online. Websites such as and advertise items grouped by local area, which are all available for free. Users can also advertise their own unwanted goods on the sites to help clear clutter. The movement not only benefits businesses looking to save money, but also has many advantages for the environment, as such items would otherwise have ended up as landfill waste.

For example, The Times reports that Paul McPherson, managing director of firewood business, estimates he has saved up to £6,000 by using the Nisp network to get free hessian bags, which were previously sent to landfill.[/p]

Maggie Morrison of Nisp says: “Every business has costs, but by working together they can find cheaper goods or services and even get some free. If you are a new business you could find free offices, storage space or even raw materials.”

In summary, the bottom line is, if you are having to pay, then you could be paying too much.

To find out more about how serviced offices can help your business save money and boost trading, get in touch with one of our localised consultants for free expert advice. You can also start searching and comparing offices from our homepage at

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