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Seriously Cool Offices: Lego

Seriously Cool Offices: Lego

Last month, we looked at how the Googleplex redefines the traditional office. This month weΓÇÖre continuing our look at office space design with a peek at one of the most playful offices in the world ΓÇô Lego.

As a company dedicated to the business of play, itΓÇÖs no surprise that LegoΓÇÖs offices have a serious fun factor, but how does it contribute to the companyΓÇÖs overall mission ΓÇô and what can we learn from it?

Getting the customerΓÇÖs perspective

Slides in offices have become a bit of a creative cliché in recent years; Google has one, Ogilvy & Mather has one, even Red Bull has one. But the giant chrome slide which dominates Lego’s Denmark head office actually serves a serious purpose by helping employees to reconnect with what it’s like to be a child and enjoy simple, frivolous things. As an added bonus, helter-skeltering down a slide has to be one of the most enjoyable ways of getting to understand your customers’ perspective on the world.

Striking the right balance

Part of LegoΓÇÖs brand mission is to encourage ΓÇ£systematic creativityΓÇ¥; something the company defines as being a balance between logic and reasoning, playfulness and imagination.

How does this translate into its office space? To inspire systematic creativity in Lego employees, the offices have been carefully designed to maintain a balance between open and structured spaces. Employees can choose to mingle in the open spaces while they search for inspiration, or head into one of the smaller, closed spaces available for collaborative work on specific projects. The office space is designed to give employees the freedom to choose the space which works best for them. ItΓÇÖs all about balancing creativity against practicality.

Providing a blank canvas for creativity

While the Lego office is certainly colourful, perhaps the biggest surprise is the large amount of white space on show. From big white walls to shiny floors and table tops, all these surfaces act as a blank canvas for the creative mind, with tables and floors providing a space to sit down and try out ideas with bricks.

Setting an inspiring example

Over in Moscow, the Lego values are translated into the office space design in a completely different way ΓÇô through giant Lego sculptures. From the reception to the desks, everywhere is adorned with giant Lego sculptures and murals. Every piece is an outstanding example of the boundless possibilities of Lego and a reminder to its employees to be ambitious in their own creations. ItΓÇÖs also a reminder that leading by example isnΓÇÖt just about behaviour ΓÇô it can be integrated into office design too.

ItΓÇÖs not work; itΓÇÖs play

ItΓÇÖs hard to imagine slouching into work on a Monday morning when your office is more like a playground, and thatΓÇÖs why LegoΓÇÖs offices work. At first glance, they might seem purely creative, but beyond the initial cool factor they serve a seriously practical purpose; motivating Lego employees and stimulating their creativity.

As winners of the ΓÇÿToy of the CenturyΓÇÖ accolade and the third largest toy manufacturer worldwide, LegoΓÇÖs approach is definitely something to consider.

Would you consider taking inspiration from Lego for your office space? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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