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Seriously Cool Offices: Google

Seriously Cool Offices: Google

From Google to Facebook and Redbull to Pixar, the art of office space design is taken seriously by big business – But beyond achieving the ΓÇ£CoolΓÇ¥ factor, what drives the investment in creating these impressive workspaces?

Redefining the traditional office, leading companies from around the globe have sought to change the very nature of the working environment and create spaces that are not simply places of work, but the personification of them, their history, their products and even their founders.

Google – The Googleplex

One of the best known of these spaces is perhaps the Googleplex, the mountain top headquarters of search giant Google. Located in California, this sprawling campus provides an insight into the environment that Google wants to create for its employees and the nature of its approach to working culture.

With its vibrant design, freeform layout and a blend of traditional and non-traditional facilities, the Googleplex seeks to create an open environment that encourages collaboration between all ΓÇ£GooglersΓÇ¥ ΓÇô regardless of the core department or team they are a part of.

This open culture, which links to Co-Founder Larry PageΓÇÖs idea that Google should be more like a family, also seeks to harness the feel of a start-up business, where the barriers of corporate structure are less rigid and a sense of ownership is often found and encouraged.

To get a sense of what the Googleplex delivers as a working environment you can take a Video Tour or explore more images HERE.

Google ΓÇô London Offices

Located in Victoria in the heart of the UK capital, Google London occupies 160,000 sq. ft. of space and reproduces the working environment and culture created by Google at the Googleplex.

What is particularly interesting about Google London, which is home to the largest engineering department operated by Google in Europe, is that is it draws on the local culture and much of the iconic imagery associated with London.

From Union Jack walls, to red telephone boxes and maps mirroring those of the London Underground, Google London transfers the campus culture of the American model while also inferring ownership to its UK employees. You can explore more of Google London HERE.

The Right People Can Do Big Things

Promoting a sense of ownership, or being part of the family, through the workspace it creates seems to have paid off for Google – So much so that this very deliberate approach toward working culture has been rolled out across its property portfolio.

Indeed the culture of the company is so pivotal to the way it operates that ΓÇ£Our CultureΓÇ¥ is the first thing addressed on the Company Overview section of its website.

ΓÇ£GoogleΓÇÖs always believed that the right people can do big things.ΓÇ¥ explains Stacy Sullivan, Chief Culture Officer at Google on the companyΓÇÖs website. ΓÇ£ThatΓÇÖs why we treat our people so well: so they can concentrate on innovating and collaborating.ΓÇ¥

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