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Secret Surveillance: WhoΓÇÖs Watching You Work?

Secret Surveillance: WhoΓÇÖs Watching You Work?

Tech developments are revolutionising the way we work in the office. But theyΓÇÖre also opening more opportunities than ever for people to monitor what weΓÇÖre doing, every second of the work day. So whoΓÇÖs watching you?

office worker secret surveillance

We have ways of making you think

Looking forward to a future when office workers are kitted out with Google Glass to help them do their daily tasks? As cool as that scenario might sound, it could be time for a re-think. Scientists have already designed a concentration monitoring device which theyΓÇÖre hoping to embed within Google Glass.

The device tracks usersΓÇÖ concentration levels throughout the work day in order to work out if theyΓÇÖre working too hard or not hard enough. It can then adjust the workload accordingly. In the wrong hands, this could be a tool to keep the pressure up eight hours a day, five days a week.

Toilet tracking tags

Been given a name badge to wear at work recently? You might want to check itΓÇÖs not one of the latest Business Microscope smart tags. They might be small, but these tiny devices can be used to keep tabs on employee behaviour, collecting data on everything from how often you visit the toilet to who you chat with in the office.

In fact, the device even gathers data on how animated those conversations are so your boss can keep tabs on how much idle chatter you indulge in and how enthusiastic you are in meetings.

Secret signs: decoding your emails

Think your boss is monitoring your work email account? YouΓÇÖre probably right. But it might not be just non-work related discussions theyΓÇÖre looking out for.

A study by Lancaster University found that it is possible to predict whether an employee is likely to betray their company, simply by monitoring their email language. According to the study, small changes in email language can indicate that an employee is distancing themselves from their colleagues. This can suggest that theyΓÇÖre planning to turn their back on the organisation ΓÇô and even leak important information to the competition.

So if one of your colleagues suddenly switches their sign-off from smileys to ΓÇ£Kind RegardsΓÇ¥, you might want to keep quiet.

So what do you think about workplace monitoring tech? Is it a useful tool, a necessary evil, or just downright creepy?


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