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Secret Santa: Employees Spend up to £5.50 in 2010

Secret Santa: Employees Spend up to £5.50 in 2010

Secret Santa: Would you spend £5.50 on a colleague?

The survey by serviced office provider Business Environment (BE) found that recruitment and marketing departments are likely to spend the most. These two sectors are also most likely to enjoy the annual Christmas party, with 51% of marketing staff and 46% of recruiters seeing it as a great way to catch up with colleagues and get to know newer staff members.

However, not everyone shares their enthusiasm. Almost 40% of employees from the voluntary and charity sector claimed that they only go to “show their faces”, and generally donΓÇÖt stay long as they don’t enjoy socialising with their colleagues. Retail staff are the least likely to attend the office party.

Graduate trainees were likely to spend the most on Secret Santa, with more than 25% prepared to contribute over £10. However, more than 30% of construction workers and 25% of IT workers would prefer to pay nothing at all.

The survey found that 64% of all office workers planned to shop online for their Christmas presents this year. But this also generated an interesting insight into the amount of time that workers spent on the internet, with 46% of respondents spending less than 30 minutes on personal sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, and 43% reporting that the majority of their time is spent on personal emails.

“The survey has provided some interesting insights into today’s office culture, particularly as we approach the festive season and the much discussed Christmas party,” commented BE’s marketing manager, Steve Moore. “We’re already planning to run a similar survey next year and it will be fascinating to compare the results and see whatΓÇÖs changed.”

Here at, Secret Santa is usually arranged by each department. This year, Marketing and Finance have joined forces and each person has agreed to pay up to £10 on their colleague.

Are you doing a Secret Santa at work this year – and what is your spend on each person? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts.

The Office Life Survey was carried out by ONEPOLL of 3000 UK office workers in 2010.


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