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Ruthless Office Workers Revealed by Survey

Ruthless Office Workers Revealed by Survey

Ruthless office workers would rather see a colleague lose their job than take a pay cut according to a recent survey conducted by

The results of the survey, which appeared in over 500 national, regional and local newspapers, showed that 38% of employees would consider their colleagues to be surplus to requirements if they were faced with a cut in personal pay.

While the mirror image of this is that nearly two-thirds of the average workforce would rather take a pay cut than watch their colleagues clear their desks, the truth remains that a merciless streak exists in over 1 in 3 workers when faced with a threat to their own earning potential.

Also tested in the survey were attitudes toward creature comforts, green initiatives and the willingness of workers toward sacrificing the likes of holidays and even their weekends.

  • 57% of workers would choose the fancy coffee machine over the recycling bin
  • 47% of office workers would sacrifice their lunch breaks
  • Only 14% would cut out their cigarette breaks

According to various pieces of research however, NOT cutting back on lunch breaks could actually boost productivity amongst office workers ΓÇô with a reported increase of 11% in the output of those workers taking regular 2 minutes pauses during their working day.

It is also believed that employers should be encouraging workers to take such breaks as it can decrease health issues such as fatigue on the eyes and lower back and neck pain in addition to boosting concentration levels.

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