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Rising Interest for Serviced Office Space in Greater London

Rising Interest for Serviced Office Space in Greater London

The latest report from’s Serviced Office Review series, which analyses year-on-year data for the Q3 period of 2010, covers statistics for the Greater London region.

Figures show that interest in Greater London office space has increased by 20% in Q3 2010 compared to Q3 2009, represented by the level of enquiries from new clients.

Year-to-date, enquiries for Greater London are currently higher than 2009 levels by 37% overall.

However, despite a positive upturn in enquiries, statistics demonstrating the number of new serviced office tenants in Greater London during Q3 2010 have dropped compared to last year’s figures, and have also decreased for the third consecutive quarter.

The number of businesses entering serviced offices in Greater London through was -10% lower in Q3 10 than in Q3 09, and year-to-date figures are also down by -10%.

Workstation costs of serviced offices in Greater London have also declined, with Q3 recording a drop of ┬ú30.00, leaving an average cost per workstation of ┬ú262 in Q3 10 compared to last year’s ┬ú292.

However, the average workstation costs continued to exceed the national average.

For further details and to download the full report for free, visit the following web page:

Serviced Office Review: Greater London Q3 10.

Additional reports are also available to view and download on’s Stats & Facts page, with further research coming online over the next few days.

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