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Report Draws Up Workers’ Annoying Habits

Report Draws Up Workers’ Annoying Habits

A report by online commercial office space firm said every office had a Corker whose habits annoyed his or her colleagues. The company suggested using rumour or charm to deal with any irritating traits. The report listed some of the most Common workplace personalities as:

  • The Hipster – he wears the shiniest suit, the loudest tie and the silliest socks and is a grand master of the fake golf swing, finger pistols, thumbs up or spin bowl action.
  • The Borrower – someone who is always borrowing items from their colleagues.
  • The Snake – slimy, limp hand shaker who slithers around and stares at colleagues
    for far longer than should be allowed.
  • The Smacker – worker “who slurps their way through lunch, talks with their mouth
    full and shares far more of their lunch than they should.
  • Pussy Galore – sweet yet neurotic colleague whose desk is covered in pictures of cats and who loves to share stories of her pussy’s “cute” and “amazing” antics.
  • Moaning Minnie – as the name suggests, someone who complains all day long.
  • The Gossip Monger – loves a good drama and is first to share any scandal.
  • The Sniffer – Women, or men, who overdose on perfume or aftershave and waft through the office.
  • The Message Mangler – takes a message but always forgets to find out where the caller is from or take a contact number.

Managing director Andy Haywood said: “Anyone who has ever worked in an office will have encountered these characters. We reckon humour, charm or beating them at their own game, are some of the best ways to deal with irritating colleagues.”

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