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Remember, Remember: what not to forget when choosing an office

Remember, Remember: what not to forget when choosing an office to consider before signing for your serviced office space

Your office space is important to your business, and your landlord should be providing you with the highest level of service.

Serviced office tenants have even more reason to demand the best from their office provider or landlord – since you only commit to your office space on a month by month basis, or short term contract, they should be constantly striving to improve their service and keep you as a valued tenant!

Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge and sign on the dotted line:

  • Value for Money: Do some research to help you find the best deal. offer a free and impartial service, and with the most comprehensive choice of serviced office space in the UK you will be sure to secure the best deal without any hassle.
  • The physical environment: you should consider what kind of surroundings you want. Do you want a period building? A business park location? A modern and funky feel? Think about the image you would like for your business.
  • Location & transport: this can often be overlooked when looking for an office. Does your business need to be close to shops and other amenities? Think about parking, ease of access, public transport links, etc
  • Operations & support: always consider how much responsibility the office provider takes for the maintenance of the building. They will generally look after the cleaning and maintenance of communal areas, but what about your personal office? Think about Health & Safety policy and process and ensure the business centre covers this. If not you will have to make your own provisions.
  • IT & telecoms: your office provider will take care of these and will have the most up to date systems and connections. However, all systems can fail at some time or another. Find out about disaster recovery, what the process is for technical support, how quickly you can expect a response if a problem occurs.
  • Clear communication: one of the most attractive elements of serviced offices is the clear and concise manner in which the license agreements and monthly bills are set out. You should be able to understand every aspect of the agreements clearly and all costs should be set out on your monthly bill. Ask to see an example of how they structure their monthly invoices for tenants.
  • Test out the support staff: when you go to view a potential new office, always pay attention to the reception & support staff employed by the business centre. These people will be the face of your business to any guests should you take an office in the building. Are they professional? Well presented? Would YOU employ them?
Don’t just settle for the first office you see, even if you think it is your absolute ideal office space!

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  • Agility & flexibility: serviced offices are popular because of the flexibility and ease of movement to a larger or smaller office within the same building should your needs change. Make sure your intended office space provider has provisions for growth – most buildings will not go above 85% occupancy to allow for the expansion of their current tenants.
  • Shop around: Don’t just settle for the first office you see, even if you think it is your absolute ideal office space and ticks all your boxes. It is always useful to view at least 2 other offices to ensure you are definitely getting the best deal and the best office for your money and business needs/

If you take the above points into consideration when searching for office space then you should be well on the way to securing your new office! If you are in any doubt then contact the team to gain some expert advice.

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