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Regus Help to Get the World Talking

Regus Help to Get the World Talking

Serviced office space provider Regus have teamed up with the organisers of Global Entrepreneurial Week (GEW), offering their global reach to help bring 60,000 people together in what is hoped will be the biggest Speed-networking ever held.

With the aim of ΓÇ£getting the world talkingΓÇ¥, the Speednetwork the Globe event will see 1,000 events take place in 50 countries over 100 hours and will seek to inspire people to be more entrepreneurial by unleashing their ideas and potential with like-minded individuals.

Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus, said: ΓÇ£With the growth of technology and social media, face-to-face networking is being sidelined; however the importance of meeting and creating a rapport with someone should never be underestimated.

ΓÇ£These events are a unique way of connecting with people. I wish IΓÇÖd had access to such an incredible opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on a global level when I first started out in business.ΓÇ¥

Coordinated by the Kauffman Foundation and Enterprise UK, the speed-networking event will be one of a series of events that form the 3rd Global Entrepreneurial Week, with the two previous outings for GEW claiming to have attracted 10 million people from 102 countries in a total of 50,000 events.

The event will take place between 15th ΓÇô 21st November 2010 and hopes to create a buzz around business and enterprise. For those of you unsure as to the advantages of getting involved in such an event organisers have highlighted a list of potential benefits:

  • If youΓÇÖre looking to expand your networkΓÇÖs size
  • If youΓÇÖre seeking global connections
  • If youΓÇÖre looking for the solution to a problem and want lots of people to brainstorm ideas
  • If you know lots of people who donΓÇÖt know each other and want to get them connected
  • If you would like to raise your profile ΓÇô if you run a really special Speednetwork the Globe event there is a potential for great media coverage
  • If youΓÇÖre looking for a good way to meet mentors and gain or share quick advice
  • If youΓÇÖre looking to take advantage of todayΓÇÖs technology by expanding your network globally, using webcams and services like Skype

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