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Regeneration Plans Submitted for Hammersmith

Regeneration Plans Submitted for Hammersmith

Hammersmith could soon be undergoing extensive regeneration works if planning application, which has just been submitted, is approved by the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

According to plans by King Street Developments, the scheme would involve demolishing the council’s 1960s Town Hall extension in front of the listed Town Hall Building and replacing it with a new public square.

The square will be surrounded by cafes and restaurants, new homes, supermarket and a footbridge across the A4 linking Hammersmith with the riverside. A new council office building will also be built.

The consultation has lasted three years, but it appears as though residents are not yet happy with the proposed plans. In mid-October, over 400 people from the local area attended a recent ‘Save Our Skyline’ public meeting, to express their views on the proposals.

The general consensus appears to be that the group are not against improving the town, but are dissatisfied with the current plans and believe that Hammersmith’s skyline would be “blighted” by the “disproportionate development.”

Chairman of the Save Our Skyline committee, John Jones, commented that there is a “strength of feeling in the community against this ugly and ill-considered scheme.” He added: “(This is) A very bad deal for residents and the Council who would get too little benefit from this multimillion pound development of luxury flats.”

However, King Street Developments’ David Walters commented that the scheme would provide many new amenities for the area.

“The regeneration of the west end of King Street will not only provide new shops, restaurants, homes, council facilities, and a safe, fully accessible route across the A4, at no cost to the taxpayer; but it will also ensure that Hammersmith Town Hall remains at the heart of the borough’s civic life.”

According to Public Property UK, he added:

“We are aware that there are people who have concerns about certain aspects of the plans, but we believe that this is the only way of unlocking this site to deliver a scheme which can benefit local residents and business for decades to come, securing the future of King Street. This sentiment was echoed by the 81% of people who responded to our last consultation exercise who said they believed the plans will have a positive impact on Hammersmith.”

The impact of the regeneration will depend on whether the plans are approved by the council, or whether changes are required to better fit with the aesthetics of the town. The results are expected later in 2011.

Hammersmith is home to a number of multinational companies, and is considered a key part of West London’s transport network – identified by the Mayor of London as one of Greater LondonΓÇÖs 35 major centres.

The town provides an excellent base for businesses, and currently lists 12 serviced office properties in Hammersmith, featuring a range of different buildings operated by a number of office providers.

In terms of the cost of renting serviced office space in Hammersmith, the area appears to have remained fairly resilient to economic difficulty. In the ‘W’ postcode area as a whole, average workstation costs have remained above the ┬ú350 pcm mark this year to date, with the average cost per person currently sitting at ┬ú375 pcm compared to 2009’s average of ┬ú363.

This could be as a result of the location which, situated West of London and surrounded by significant transport options including train and underground stations, offers quick and direct travel into Central London and many areas around the wider region.

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