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Reduction in Office Space to Help County Council Achieve Budget Cuts

Reduction in Office Space to Help County Council Achieve Budget Cuts

Yet another County Council has identified its property portfolio and the way in which it uses its existing office space as a way of meeting budget cuts, with Hertfordshire County Council identifying it as an area in which it can save £3m before 2014.

Having already reduced the amount of office space being used by council employees, allowing them to save on maintenance and running costs, the council is now reportedly looking at the possibility of selling or renting its now vacant property as they seek to create saving of £150m over the next 3 years.

Another alternative for the councilΓÇÖs unneeded office property includes creating partnerships with other public sector organisations, where both organisations would co-habit office space in order to reduce the property overheads of both parties.

Speaking in the Borehamwood Times, Frances Button, executive member for business transformation at Hertfordshire County Council said:

ΓÇ£It’s vital that we look at every element of our organisation to see where we can be more efficient, both in the way we deliver services and the money we spend.ΓÇ¥

Other ideas for cost cutting by the council include increasing teleconferencing, electronic storage – to reduce the amount of office space needed for storing paperwork, and prolonging the use of computer systems for an extra year before replacing them.

Hertfordshire County Council are not the first to view office space and property management as an effective way to meet budget cuts, with central government property in Westminster being reviewed in the same way and city councilΓÇÖs such as Birmingham also looking at changing the way in which they utilise office space in the future.

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