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Rebecca-Jane Strawford Becomes an ICON

Rebecca-Jane Strawford Becomes an ICON

Rebecca-Jane Strawford reaches ICON status.

Becci, an experienced consultant in the Central London office market, successfully shattered her targets in August to reach ICON status –’s challenging internal performance and recognition scheme – and has now claimed her place on the ‘wall of fame’ at HQ.

Since the launch of ICON in July last year, Becci is just the third person to reach the elusive ICON status, which is designed to push each individual to raise their game and reach their full potential, as well as lifting the bar on standards and service delivery.

The scheme is meant to be challenging and requires that each consultant hits a number of specific targets within the same month, focusing on different areas of the search process including tours, placements and revenue.

According to Chris Meredith, Head of UK Sales at, Becci’s consistently high performance at meant that it was only a matter of time before she gained ICON.

“Becci treats like it is her own business,” said Chris. “She answers the phone with energy and enthusiasm and always goes the extra mile to ensure that she closes a deal.

“She gives every client and office provider the highest standard of service and without fail, she gives 100% to the role 100% of the time.

“She truly deserves to achieve ICON.”

As well as a glowing endorsement from Chris, it is Becci’s drive and commitment that has earned her one positive report after another from both office providers and clients alike.
Among the positive endorsements she has received since joining the company two years ago are references to her “dedication and hard work”, efficiency, and her “thoroughness in every aspect of her job.”

Gareth Wilby, Divisional Director of JLES London Limited, got in touch with Becci to thank her personally for her “refreshing, candid and inspiring” business insight during the company’s office search, adding:

“You were able to quickly grasp our market space and sales challenges to efficiently help locate our offices. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference.”

It is these traits that create an ICON at and Becci has shown that she is a first-class consultant; capable of delivering a great service and consistently performing to high standards day in, day out.

As a reward for making light work of her targets and achieving ICON in August, Becci will now receive a number of privileges including a cash prize and a certificate on the ‘ICON Wall of Fame’ at HQ. She will also have the opportunity to travel First Class during her next round of visits to office providers.

To date, only two other people have attained ICON – Central London Account Manager Kirsty Lees, who was the very first ICON in September 2010, and Alastair Maloney, who became the second in June this year.

To keep the status, Becci must now repeat the challenge and hit all of her ICON targets at least once within the next quarter.

Contact Rebecca-Jane Strawford (Becci) online via, through LinkedIn, or on 0800 111 6 444.

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Becci is up for nomination in the BCA’s 2011 Broker Representative of the Year Award. If your business centre is registered with the BCA and if you value Becci’s help, please remember to vote for her for the 2011 award before 5.30 pm Wednesday 28th September!

>> Click here to vote for Becci

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