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Push for Greener Office Space Continues from Legal & General Property

Push for Greener Office Space Continues from Legal & General Property

Legal & General Property, who manage over 8.7bn of property assets, has produced an ΓÇ£Office Occupiers GuideΓÇ¥ to help arm its office space tenants with an understanding of the environmental impact of property and a toolkit to implement change.

Part of its growing green agenda, for which it has received growing recognition during the last 12 months including two Gold awards at the Mayor of LondonΓÇÖs Green Awards 2010, the guide seeks to educate office space tenants in minimising the impact of the built environment and set a ΓÇ£best practiceΓÇ¥ example to other office property owners and managers.

Having already introduced a compulsory six-month training course on sustainable property investment for all its property fund managers, the Office Occupiers Guide looks to take this quest for sustainability awareness a step further ΓÇô putting into action a sustainability strategy for each of the office buildings within its extensive portfolio.

By inspiring office space occupiers to accept they have an important part to play in carbon reduction in the workplace, Legal & General Property also, according to press release issued on their website, want to highlight the ΓÇ£real and significant cost savings that can be achieved through simple but critical changes to the running of a propertyΓÇ¥.

In a statement that accompanied the press release, Bill Hughes, Managing Director of Legal & General Property explained:

ΓÇ£We understand that the sustainable performance of our buildings will play a significant role in shaping our future property investment portfolio and that there is now a real need to work together as an industry to bring about this change. We are working collaboratively with tenants and partners to address the very serious issues of climate change, and we now intend to roll this out across our entire portfolio and produce the substantial results that we know are within reach of our sector.

ΓÇ£The MayorΓÇÖs prestigious awards demonstrate significant external recognition for all that we have been doing over the past year and specifically our continued commitment to minimising our impact on the built environment, both through our approach to new development and through tackling our existing properties and mindsets.ΓÇ¥

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