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PrescottΓÇÖs ΓÇ£love nestΓÇ¥ Apartment Could Become Government Office Space

PrescottΓÇÖs ΓÇ£love nestΓÇ¥ Apartment Could Become Government Office Space

According to a report in todayΓÇÖs Telegraph, three spacious apartments in Admiralty House, one of which was used by former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott during his affair with his secretary, could be turned into office space or sold-off as part of the Whitehall cost-cutting plans.

Having lain empty since the election of the new coalition government, the potential Westminster office space would be used by civil servants rather than rent-free apartments as was the case during LabourΓÇÖs time in power ΓÇô with Geoff Hoon and Margaret Beckett having also occupied the other two apartments.

The creation of office space or the selling-off of such property would certainly help reduce costs, particularly with each apartment costing a total of £173,000 each year simply to maintain.

Historically the building has been used as ΓÇ£grace-and-favourΓÇ¥ accommodation, with its more prestigious former occupants including the First Lords of the Admiralty and national icon Winston Churchill ΓÇô who occupied the apartment on two separate occasions, one of which was during his time as Prime Minister in WW2.

The merging, changing and selling-off of office space has not been restricted to Whitehall, with several county councils also restructuring their property portfolios in order to maximise the efficiency of their office space as previously reported here on the blog. These include Wyre Forest District Council and Birmingham City Council

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