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Political Correctness: The Latest and Greatest

Political Correctness: The Latest and Greatest

A word of warning to any politically correct readers out there in the blogosphere: you should look away now.

Overexposed to a lot of PC terms recently, weΓÇÖre comparing examples of political correctness against their ΓÇÿoffensiveΓÇÖ past counterparts.

Ladies and gentlemen ΓÇô people of gender ΓÇô prepare to be politically corrected.

People Experiencing a Lack of Perspective

Have you noticed someone sleeping rough on the way to work? Never mind about offering them a nice warm cup of tea or giving them your sandwiches; apparently, you should be more concerned about how you choose to refer to them.

You are no longer passing a ΓÇÿhomeless personΓÇÖ in the street. Instead, these are ΓÇÿpeople experiencing homelessnessΓÇÖ. On the list of what sucks about ΓÇÿexperiencing homelessnessΓÇÖ weΓÇÖre not sure how highly ΓÇÿbeing called homelessΓÇÖ features.

ItΓÇÖs Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chrishanukwanzaa

ThatΓÇÖs right, IΓÇÖm now dreaming of a white Chrishanukwanzaa. ThatΓÇÖs because we are no longer permitted to exchange the traditional ΓÇÿMerry ChristmasΓÇÖ seasonal greeting. Why? Because it discriminates against non-Christians. Or maybe thatΓÇÖs ΓÇÿpeople not experiencing ChristianityΓÇÖ?

Instead, we are invited to say ΓÇÿHappy ChrishanukwanzaaΓÇÖ to one another ΓÇô and you just try it after a couple of egg nogs. This new term encompasses three simultaneous seasonal celebrations: Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa.

May I Introduce You to My Person-of-Gender-Friend?

As a citizen of the 21st century, you might have stumbled awkwardly through the minefield of ΓÇÿservicemen/womenΓÇÖ and fallen through a few manholes (now ΓÇÿmaintenance holesΓÇÖ) in an attempt not to be offensive, even if youΓÇÖre not sure why.

If you have youΓÇÖll be dismayed to hear that it doesnΓÇÖt stop there. The prefixes ΓÇÿMrΓÇÖ, ΓÇÿMrsΓÇÖ and ΓÇÿMissΓÇÖ have all been officially deemed politically incorrect. Indeed, men and women are no longer men and women at all. Instead we are all ΓÇÿpeople of genderΓÇÖ.

Allow Me to Show You to Your Quarters, Sir

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ), anxious that criminals were not being treated with the proper dignity and respect, ruled in 2008 against using the word ΓÇÿinmateΓÇÖ. One alternative term, ΓÇÿcorrectional guestΓÇÖ, does seem to suggest that prison officers exist to teach grammar lessons over cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

The Prison Officers Association responded with the decidedly non-PC accusation that the MOJ was ΓÇÿnamby-pampyΓÇÖ. The Association went on to cause fainting fits among the politically correct everywhere by insisting, ΓÇÿThey are convicts, they are prisoners, and they are inmatesΓÇÖ.

Polisocial Correctitivity: You Say Potato…

If it was ever in doubt, it certainly isnΓÇÖt now: PC really is getting out of hand. It is now politically incorrect (sorry) to call someone or something politically incorrect (sorry!).

Individuals and phrases are instead ‘socially sensitive’. However, as this change came about because people were offended at the suggestion rather than the language, it seems only a matter of time before ‘socially sensitive’ is… well, socially insensitive.


Are you a socially insensitive person of gender? Share your funniest or most-hated politically correct term in the comments!

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