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Out & About: The Shared Serviced Office

Out & About: The Shared Serviced Office

So here we are on day two of our forced exile from the office, with the memories of working from home banished and the two of us now sat in the very nice surroundings of the serviced offices of Orega in Birmingham City Centre.

The centre itself makes a great first impression ΓÇô easy to see why it proves so popular with clients – with the modern exterior of the building giving way to an open marbled lobby, off which smart elevators whisk visitors to the 13 floors that make up the building.

Shown to what turns out to be the first of two offices kindly loaned to us for this experiment, the floor to ceiling windows give us a great view of the hustle & bustle taking place in the City Centre as people rush toward their offices for the day.

Getting set-up and ready to work could not have been easier. Working from our laptops and the solid Wi-Fi connection that is available in the building we were both logged-on and ready to go within minutes of sitting down at our desks ΓÇô the ideal situation should you find yourself calling upon the services of a business centres such as this in an emergency situation.

Both the reception and break-out areas are bright, open and inviting, a factor which really allowed us to settle in quickly – another positive feature in the event that staff are put in such a situation at short notice.

While the sense of displacement that arises from a sudden change in location remains, working from the Orega centre here in Birmingham is certainly a situation I prefer to yesterday’s home based activity. You know you are in a business environment, with activity around you that reinforces what you are doing.

When working from home yesterday, I found that the familiar and normally relaxing surroundings made adjusting and remaining focused a great deal harder. That said the preparation of my personal laptop with key programs and communication tools yesterday certainly helped with the transition.

A big advantage today is that Jo and I are sharing an office space, meaning that conversations, discussions and questions can be carried out and resolved face-to-face. And while yesterday I honestly felt that using Messenger, email and phone worked well ΓÇô a few hours in a shared space highlights the unquestionable advantages of working alongside colleagues in a shared business environment.

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