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Our First Double ICON

Our First Double ICON

The gauntlet has officially been thrown. Hitting ICON once is good, but reaching it twice in a row is pretty outstanding.

Following on from her success last month, where it was announced that Central London consultant Rebecca-Jane Strawford (Becci) reached all of her targets in August to become an ICON, she went one better by smashing her targets all over again in September, making her our first double ICON.

ICON is an internal performance and recognition scheme run by Consultants must reach five challenging targets within the same month, that each focus on different areas of the office search process, ranging from tours and placements to monthly revenue.

To date, only three consultants have successfully achieved ICON status since it was launched last year – Kirsty Lees, Ally Maloney and Becci Strawford.

Becci became the third person to reach ICON just over a year since the initiative was launched, but has now thrown down the gauntlet by becoming the very first consultant to reach ICON twice – and what makes it even more impressive is that she did it over two consecutive months.

“Getting this award twice in a row clearly shows the level of consultancy that Becci operates within and it is undoubtedly deserved,” said Stephen Preston, Central London Sales Manager at

“Since Becci joined and took her place on our Central London Team, she has always strived to be the top performer,” he added. “Not only does she go above and beyond the norm for her clients, she is also a massive help to me managing the Central London team and forging relationships within the market.

“On a personal note, she’s a very kind person and is always thinking of others (and always brings in a lot of food for us!) – there could not really be a better person to work with!”

A relaxing spa day is now on the cards for Becci as part of her reward for achieving this challenging feat. No doubt the rest of the Sales team are also hoping she will celebrate with one of her famous baking sessions!

You can contact Becci online via, through LinkedIn, or on 0800 111 6 444.

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