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Ouch! Watch Out for Wednesday in the Workplace

Ouch! Watch Out for Wednesday in the Workplace

April might be the cruellest month but Wednesday is the most dangerous day in the office, according to new research.

While weΓÇÖre all fixated on ΓÇ£Monday morning bluesΓÇ¥ itΓÇÖs actually mid-week misery thatΓÇÖs causing all the problems.

Dangerous day

Physio MedΓÇÖs survey of 1,000 UK office workers discovered that youΓÇÖre twice as likely to have an accident in the office on a Wednesday than on any other day of the week.

So take extra care as you tackle the stairs today. You might also want to give any heavy lifting a miss, if you want to avoid the trips, slips and back injuries which are more common mid-week.

And remember to pay extra attention to your general health too, because youΓÇÖre also more likely to sustain an injury or illness that requires time off work.

Gloomy workers more clumsy

According to Physio Med’s clinical director Mark Fletcher, itΓÇÖs the dip in happiness levels which causes us to be extra accident-prone mid-week.

He says; ΓÇ£Moods take a dip on Wednesdays, as it is the day furthest away from the previous or forthcoming weekend. The stress and fatigue of the working week translates into employees becoming less attentive or clumsier, and leading to a higher rate of office accidents.ΓÇ¥

FletcherΓÇÖs theory ties in with a previous study, conducted back in 2009, which also found that Wednesday was the most miserable day of the week ΓÇô or at least the day when disgruntled office workers were most likely to take to their Twitter feeds and give vent to their feelings.

What about Moanday?

But that doesnΓÇÖt mean the other four days in the office are all smiles and sunshine. 11:45am on Tuesday is considered to be the most stressful time of the week, while we spend the most time complaining on Monday. (By Wednesday, presumably, weΓÇÖre just too miserable to care.)

And while office workers might not have any complaints about Friday, bosses probably will ΓÇô research has found that itΓÇÖs the least productive day of the week.

Is Wednesday really the worst day of the week? Share your thoughts below.

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