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Olympics Opening Ceremony: London Stands By

Olympics Opening Ceremony: London Stands By

The day is upon us at last as, after 7 years of planning, the Olympics Opening ceremony takes place tonight to mark the beginning of the London 2012 Games.

At 9pm tonight in East London, award-winning director Danny Boyle will bring his vision to life in a spectacular show the like of which ΓÇô it has been suggested by those in the know ΓÇô has never been seen before.

The Prime Minister himself has called it ΓÇÿspine-tinglingΓÇÖ.

Large parts of the event remain a mystery as dress rehearsals have left unexplained gaps, rumoured reports have been dismissed and no one yet knows who will light the cauldron as the signal to ΓÇÿlet the Games beginΓÇÖ.

The identity of the final torch bearer will be kept secret until the moment they appear before the crowd and ascend the steps.

Flags of all nationalities line the streets of London today and the bells rang out across the country this morning to mark the new day. This week, workers have been crowding to office windows along Regent Street and Oxford Street to watch the Olympic Torch pass and today it sails down the River Thames towards the Olympic Stadium.

The reality of the ΓÇÿworkerΓÇÖs curseΓÇÖ that will be London transport for the next few weeks is eclipsed for one day today as the country rallies around this momentous event.

Come Monday morning, however, the feeling may be a little different. The London Underground is suspected by some to be up to 50,000 over capacity at certain points this summer and near impossible to pass through on its busiest days.

London businesses are standing by for commuting chaos with flexible working options and temporary working from home policies, but all is expected to return to normal when the glory has passed and the many nations of the world leave us to our little island.

Do you work in London? Are you taking part in a celebratory Office Olympics? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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