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Olympic Traffic: London Prepared, LA Panicked

Olympic Traffic: London Prepared, LA Panicked

While offices around the world struggle with their internet connections, the roads of London see their lowest traffic levels in years.

A survey by Ofcom recently found that a quarter of the population predicted they would be watching the Olympics from the office ΓÇô a prediction that is now coming true.

Visitors to the BBC website broke the record this week; over 9 million unique viewers have been logging in every day from around the world to stream the Olympic events live.

But while the BBC website has been coping with the increased demand, it is feared that office broadband usage has not been faring as well.

ΓÇ£If a significant number of employees were to watch the live streaming of an event, it could significantly slow a companyΓÇÖs network speed if there is not enough network capacity available,ΓÇ¥ a Cabinet Office spokesperson explained to the BBC earlier this year.

Businesses of the UK braced for disaster. But in an unprecedented turn of events, it is not our fair host nation that has struggled with Olympic coverage.

The bad news is coming from across the pond where in Los Angeles, California, City Hall officials have had to issue an urgent written request to staff to stop streaming the Games all day over fears that it will begin to disrupt municipal operations.

Similar reports of struggling business broadband and abuse of working hours in the office are coming in from elsewhere in the United States and Canada. London, on the other hand, remains quiet.

Seasoned Londoners might call it too quiet. As online traffic levels skyrocket around the world, road and pedestrian traffic levels in London have fallen to remarkably low levels.

In spite of the support structures put in place to anticipate total commuter chaos, normal peak time trains are uncrowded, Oxford Street is quiet and calm and the daily grind is ΓÇÿso much easierΓÇÖ according to those in the know.

Is London over-prepared while the rest of the world struggles to keep up? Do you see a different picture in the capital this week? Tell us in the comments below.

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