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Old world charm at Liverpool office space

Old world charm at Liverpool office space

This week we’ve learned that a £2m office development in Liverpool has recently been completed. The newly refurbished grade II listed building, based on Dale Street, offers a variety of office space right in the city centre. For old romantics out there, converted buildings and listed properties that have been renovated to make way for office space offer several advantages.

Not least, it makes use of old buildings which may otherwise fall into disrepair and ruin, a fate which sadly becomes many ancient and historical buildings around the UK. The Dale Street development has kept many of the buildings original features, such as sash windows, vaulted ceilings and iron columns.

Conversions such as this also offer a great place to work for employees, especially when the renovation makes way for mod cons and environmentally friendly features. The building on Dale Street now boasts a new reception and entrance, which opens out directly onto views of the Nelson monument in Exchange Flags.

You can find updated images of office buildings when you perform a search on, so if youΓÇÖre looking for a historical site for your business, youΓÇÖve come to the right place.

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Author: | May 20, 2009 | 0 Comments

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