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Blog’s Stephen Turns Top Gun for Sucata Split’s Stephen Turns Top Gun for Sucata Split Account Manager Stephen Turner is gearing up to take part in the gruelling Sucata Split banger rally next year, which starts in Bruges and ends (for the lucky ones) in Croatia’s stunning capital, Split.

Armed with a scrap car, a toolkit and plenty of determination, teams can make as many running repairs on their cars as they like – providing they spend no more than ┬ú250 on the initial purchase.

Two years ago, Stephen and his brother Spencer successfully completed the original Portuguese Sucata Run in a battered BMW Estate, which they bought from eBay for under ┬ú250 and fully restored. The transformation went beyond repairs and spray-paint, and the humble estate was reborn as none other than the famous Ghostbusters‘ car, Ecto 1.

Dubbed the ‘Coastbusters’, the pair started in Wolverhampton and went on to complete the full 1600-mile trek from Rouen in Northern France to Portugal’s capital Lisbon in 2009, raising over ┬ú5200 for charity along the way.

They had their fair share of troubles along the way, but weren’t nearly as unfortunate as another team who broke down in La Rochelle just 300 miles from the start. However, their luck soon changed when Stephen decided to do the gallant thing and towed the car for the rest of the journey – some 1500 miles – all the way to the finish.

The pair were deservedly chuffed to reach the end and justifiably proud of their budget Ecto 1. But the experience has left Stephen hungry for more and certainly none the wiser, as he is now planning to take part in next year’s Sucata rally, along the stunning Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

Once again on the hunt for the next eBay bargain, Stephen is aiming high with a Top Gun theme; and while the next ┬ú250 banger is unlikely to come equipped with a jet engine, he’s hoping that his good deed last time around will see the team through to the finish.

Failing that, they should at the very least be able to enjoy some great scenery, as the route will take them from Bruges through France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Slovenia, across the Alps, before (hopefully) winding up in Croatia on the Dalmatian coast.

As ever, 100% of the money raised goes directly to charity. More information will be available on sponsoring and fundraising shortly, but until then you can contact Stephen directly on for details.

Fancy taking part? Find out more about Sucata Split online at

Below: (top left) Transforming the BMW into Ecto 1; (top right) The finished product; (bottom left) Stopping for a break whilst towing another car; (bottom right) Tired but victorious, sharing a much-deserved bottle of bubbly at the end.

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