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Blog Prepare for role of Cameroon and hope for World Cup Glory Prepare for role of Cameroon and hope for World Cup Glory

Tonight will mark the final training session for the football team before they take on the task of representing Cameroon in the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce & IndustryΓÇÖs 5-a-side Football World Cup.

Despite midfield dynamo Jimmy Venables being unavailable for training due to a promotional tour of the USA, remaining key members of the squad are excited about this last chance to boost fitness and tactical awareness before their opening match of the World Cup.

Speaking ahead of the penultimate training session Chris Mapp, Sales Manager by day and Vice Captain / Midfield maestro on the pitch, stated ΓÇ£His lack of passing will be missed – but we are more than just one manΓÇÖs ability to hog the ballΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£We saw Fabio CapelloΓÇÖs squad in the week and it is nothing compared to the talent we have on displayΓÇ¥ continues Mapp, ΓÇ£I have seen players giving their all in preparation for this tournament ΓÇô sometimes we have even managed to put more than two passes together and you just canΓÇÖt teach that kind of classΓÇ¥

Dan ΓÇ£Big HandsΓÇ¥ Baldwin provided fans with an insight into his own personal preparation at a press conference, stating ΓÇ¥IΓÇÖve been visualising my actions between the sticks all week and I am approaching my physical peakΓÇ¥.

When asked to explain the strict diet taken-up by the players in their preparation Dan displayed his now legendary lyrical talent and provided this gem for all the youngsters that one day dream of following in his footsteps ΓÇô ΓÇ£ItΓÇÖs all about the baconΓÇ¥

The tournament, which will take place at Yardley Powerleague has been organised by the Birmingham Chamber and will also help to raise money for the
Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer
charity as they seek to buy equipment for use at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

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